Pornstar Fame

So, a lot of camgirls eventually think about entering the porn industry, and it’s pretty obvious why that is. Becoming a pornstar can actually bring a cam model a tremendous amount of public attention that could potentially launch her career on webcam and dramatically improve her income from camming.


It turns out that viewers love to interact with porn stars, so if a webcam model can get herself into a few professional adult videos, she could make bank all day long. If you want to learn how to become a pornstar, you need to understand how adult performers get noticed. It’s not just a question of showing up on set, laying there, and letting dudes nail you six ways from Sunday. You actually have to bring something unique to the table to get noticed and stand out from the pack.

One of my best friends, who’s an active camgirl, became a pornstar two years ago by doing videos for lots of internet sites. She found the experience enjoyable and interesting, and she was able to get some serious exposure that led to her becoming one of the top earners on a major cam site. She didn’t stay in the industry for too long, she actually only did videos for a few months, then went straight back to camming full time. But she was able to shoot a lot of videos in that times, and when they debuted, she got very popular.

But what made her a porn star was not her looks, it was her attitude. She was a total beast sexually, and she really let herself get red hot when she did scenes. That raw sexual energy really came through on camera, and it’s what made her big. There were a ton of pretty girls working with her, but she’s the one who got noticed. It’s sooo important to really bring your A-game when you start doing porn videos, because it really does make a major difference.

If you decide that you want to go for it and try your luck, there are plenty of adult producers you can apply to. Just search on Google for sites in the niches you’re interested in, and you’ll find lots of places you can apply. Remember that you don’t need to perform in videos forever, or make this a long-term career. The point here is to do a bunch of videos and get the exposure that will make you a hot ticket on cam. Once your rep gets out there, you’ll be making top dollar camming your way to mega bank!

Will Couples Shows Increase Your Room Traffic?

A lot of new Chaturbate models complain about not getting enough viewers in their chat rooms when they’re just starting out, and they’re hungry for a solution to the problem. I had a tough time with this too, so I want to explain what I did so that you can understand that there are definite ways to get around the low room count barrier that so many new models deal with.


A “couples show” is when you bring a boyfriend or girlfriend (or FWB) on cam with you and setup sex shows as a tip goal. You can use bots and apps to manage the tipping process and show countdown to make it easy. Once the tip goal is met, you go at it and have sex for the chat room audience. As you might imagine, these shows attract a lot of attention on Chaturbate, and they can really boost a new model’s profile if they’re done the right way.

Firstly, you’ll need to get your boyfriend or partner registered with the cam site. Once that’s done, you’re pretty much ready to rock, but you should know that cam viewers can be pretty cruel if they don’t like certain things about your camming partner. The biggest issue seems to be penis size, and I think I know why that is. So many of these guys are used to seeing hot girls get penetrated by dudes with massive ding dongs in porn, and so they tend to react negatively when a guy on cam has even an average sized member. It will go MUCH smoother if the guy you’re bringing on cam with you is well-endowed.

Also, you should try your best to be seductive and tease your audience during the buildup to the show. Play around, do some twerking, maybe give the guy a lapdance while playing hot music, that kind of thing. It will help the show get started much sooner, and that means that you’ll make more money during the session and you’ll attract bigger crowds sooner.

After you do a few couples shows on Chaturbate, I think you’ll see that your room counts going forward will be much better, even when you’re on solo. Your follower numbers will likely swell as a result of being on as a couple and that will mean that more people will get emailed when you go on cam, which is invaluable for room counts. This is an option that is definitely worth exploring.

How Much Money Can You Make on Chaturbate?

When I first started camming on Chaturbate, I knew that it was possible to make a very significant monthly income there because I had frankly seen it being done so many times. I don’t know if you guys know who she is, but a webcam model there named ChronicLove was tipped like $12,000 worth of tokens in one group tip on her birthday last year. I mean, that’s pretty amazing money to make just laying on your bed in front of your webcam, wouldn’t you say?

And you don’t have to be some kind of genius to figure out that she, and many other top-ranked models on that site make a huge amount of money consistently. In all likelyhood, ChronicLove is making upwards of $30,000 per month on Chaturbate. That doesn’t include wishlist gifts or any money given to her offsite by online sugar daddies she met through her camming activities.

Another top model on Chaturbate is Cortana Blue, who is like the hottest gamer girl camgirl I’ve ever seen, and a huge part of the reason I decided to get into the camming business. She’s super cool and she’s totally bringing home the bacon with her cam. She must be making $40,000 per month on the site, and she’s making even more money at MyFreeCams also, now that she’s opened up a second front over there.

A lot of models will tell you that the money from webcam modeling isn’t nearly as great as people say it is, but that’s usually because they haven’t lasted long enough in the business to really learn the tricks that can help a model get big. It took me months to get to the point where I could support myself with my camming, and another several months to get to the point where I could live very comfortably. It was a learning process from the beginning, and I’m just glad I didn’t quit like so many newbie camgirls do!!

Chaturbate Modeling Tips

The basics of broadcasting from Chaturbate on Vimeo.

This video is a pretty good way to learn the basics of webcam modeling at Chaturbate. It covers some of the things that every new cam model should get straightened away before going on cam. But there’s a lot more to camming effectively at Chaturbate, and I’m just going to mention a couple of those things in this post.

The first thing you should know about this cam site is that you really need to bring your own traffic at the very beginning. A couple years ago, new models were getting pretty good traffic into their rooms from the main list, but now as more and more models have rushed into the site, it can be difficult to get a decent room count if you have no fanbase whatsoever. I highly recommend establishing yourself on Snapchat before you debut on Chaturbate, so that you can push some of those viewers over into your chatroom.

Also, I think that using the Chaturbate apps and bots can be a little confusing to new webcam models who aren’t used to them. You need to expect that your first few sessions will be slow and basically be a kind of training time. Instead of focusing on making lots of tokens, you should be using this period to get familiar with all the various apps and bots you can use. I always recommend getting familiar with Token Keno first, because that’s a really popular app that can boost tipping significantly.

Make no mistake, Chaturbate is a really great cam site, and it’s probably the highest trafficked and most popular of them all right now, but you do need to take some time to get comfortable with it. If you do, you’ll most likely end up doing well and being very happy you tried!